Dreamie Beach & Pool blanket/towel as Seen On TV

Dreamie Beach & Pool blanket/towel as Seen On TV

Score: Half-Baked

Watch out folks. This one looks like a real zinger, and not the good kind. Apparently this was seen on TV? I don’t watch TV, so that’s no selling point. But I do watch Amazon and I see the parade of wayward products adrift on the sea of ecommerce like so many forgotten ships. From the looks of the reviews, the Dreamie Beach Towel is in treacherous water.

Is it worth it?


  • The product’s best review comes from a person named “Anonymous” and they simply love it. They say it’s soft and cuddly and they love it like a pet. They love how large it is. Based on other conflicting reports, I’m thinking this could be a family of cats?
  • One of the selling points of this product is that sand doesn’t stick to it and it is very easy to clean,
    and there are a couple verified customers willing to step up and testify to the veracity of the claim. The trouble is that there are more customers that disagree. Nevertheless, according to some users, the Dreamie Beach & Pool blanket scores points for easy cleaning.
  • One user decided never to use the product for its intended purpose and thought it worked better as a pillow as they relaxed in Cancun.
  • dog asleep on the beach


  • Sand sticks to the towel. I’m pretty sure this is one of the key selling points of this product. Yet,
    time after time, customers complain that it fails in this regard.
  • Not easy to fold (and a general pain in the a**).
  •  Size matters- especially when it is yet another key selling point. One customer says “Not big at all! Barely fits 2 people. Not nearly as big or quality as advertised. Buy a beach towel or blanket instead”
  • Thin, hot and sandy.  No bueno.
  • Snaps break, etc. etc. All the tale tale signs of a crappy product are on display in the customer reviews at Amazon, and honestly, it is Amazon’s fault that the world is littered with this junk. But like a carnivorous honeydew, Amazon continues opportunistically to lure bad products to it in order to shamelessly make a quick buck.
  • Bottom line with this one.  Buy a higher quality beach towel if you like happiness..

The Promise

How Dreamie Beach Wants you to hear it.

Product Description
“beach-pool blacket and pillow pocket all in one”

Price: $9.99

Chances are, most users would NOT be satisfied with this product, and just in case you are looking for a higher quality product, I’ve included some more options here:

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