The Kickstarter for the Independent author – The Review of the Reviews – Aye Aye, Here Here!

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Score: Well Done!

The Kickstarter for the Independent author- The Review of the Reviews – Aye Aye, Here Here!

Politicians have bull horns, stock brokers have Manhattan penthouses, but who are the real coolest people in the room? The independent creators of course! Like latter-day David’s standing in the shadows of powerful Goliaths, independent creators are brave, driven and inspired by their passions… and sometimes broke.

Just about everyone who has ever started a business in the last ten years or tried to sell a product has probably considered giving Kickstarter a try. Many have tried and many have failed. After all, not all of us can sell potato salad for $55000. Kickstarter and many other crowdfunding programs are not instant money mills unless set up properly. This setup usually includes some professional looking design for the campaign and a sufficient amount of self-promotion to prime the wick and get the Kickstarter fire started.

Holly-Rosing has been teaching Kickstarter classes in Culver City, CA and then did us all the favor of boiling down her knowledge and expertise into a book that guides a Kickstarter newbie to successfully complete the steps to success. Well done, not half-baked. RawTestReviews approved.

Is it worth it?

This book is by all accounts definitely worth it for the independent creator with a sub $10000 goal and a Kickstarter dream.

The Promise

Here’s the Story that sells this book:

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