Simply Fit Board – Twist Your A** Off and Get Fit

Simply Fit Board

Score: Well Done!

Simple and elegant solution for a core workout, increased flexibility and mobility. Just stand on Board and Twist.

Is it worth it?


  • Durability: The global average weight for an adult male is just under 150lbs. Big shocker: Americans top the list of world average weights out at 177.9lbs and actually, that includes Canada, so better make America more like 184. Anyway, if you are anywhere remotely near the average male weight, you shouldn’t encounter too many cracking problems, but that’s not to say that the Simply fit board can’t crack. It’s rated to 400lbs and there have been complaints. Jus’ sayin’.
  • Compact and lightweight exercise equipment like this are definitely favorites of mine as they are easy to stow away and quickly access when the mood hits.
  • As many verified customers would attest, this product really lives up to its promises in the core workout department. Enjoy the added benefits of activating stabilizer muscles for balance and fast twitch when twisting and you have a simply powerful workout tool.
  • Aerobic exercises and exercise DVDs go hand in hand. You won’t be disappointed this time around either because the Simply Fit board comes with an instructional DVD to help you get started on the right track .

    • 866 reviews on Amazon is a lot of feedback for such a simple product. There’s something fishy with those reviews, much like our politicians on both sides of the aisles. While corruption reigns supreme in business in politics, I can’t say I see anything particularly corrupt about the physical construction of the Simply Fit board.
    • A little on the pricey side, don’t you think? I do, and I think if you look around, you can probably find one for cheaper. If you don’t mind used, you can find one on Amazon for a fraction of the price.
    • Not the best product if you have lower back injuries.
    • I was kind of bummed to learn that the product works best on carpet. I detest carpet and don’t want to go back to shag just so I can do the twist. The great thing about humans though is our ability to adapt. So I just throw some cardboard and twist away.

The Promise

Here’s How the folks at Simply Fit want you to here it.

Product Description
Simply Fit board – the workout board with a twist – the fun, easy way to engage your core and get fit in minutes a day! the product that Lori greiner found, available in: Blue

Price: $39.99

  • Unique twisting motion and balance board pivoting action helps Engage and tone entire body
  • Helps to strengthen ABS, legs, and more
  • Lightweight, portable, and stores away easily
  • Unit measures 26 inches x 11 inches W x 3/4 inches D. Weighs 3 lbs, supports up to 400 lbs
  • Includes User guide and workout DVD



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